Customer testimonial Details

“I own several very exclusive boutiques in Moscow. We offer only luxury items of the highest quality. Accordingly, our clientele is usually among the upper classes of society, including many nobles. I have noticed it in myself that I automatically treat aristocrats even more ”​ attentively and politely than our other customers. A title like this makes an impression. And to be quite honest, a little envy was also involved. Why were these people granted a privileged life by birth into a noble family? I felt a growing desire to achieve a title of nobility myself. However, I am happily married, so the search for a suitable noble man was out of the question. Since I have relatives in Germany and also speak a little German myself, I finally met Mr. Graf von Hessen-Homburg through a recommendation. He was very helpful and committed and was able to arrange an adoption for me within half a year. Together with his lawyer he also took care of all legal questions, so the procedure was completely uncomplicated for me. The response to my new title was simply overwhelming: since then, customers have been pouring into my boutiques more and more, sales and earnings have increased enormously. But it is much more valuable for me not only to carry the name of a countess, but to be treated like a countess always and everywhere. This makes me very happy and puts a smile on my face every day. For this, the Count of Hessen-Homburg deserves my deepest thanks.