Nobility news

The value of a title lies partly in its scarcity.

About 0.1% of Germans are of noble descent, about 80,000 with a population of almost 84 million. In the UK, the figure is closer to 0.01%. There are clear rules about who is in the club

Novyje Izvestia ": Noble titles are often bought in Russia

Interest in various titles and honors from the earlier era is slowly waking up in Russia, the "Novyje Izvestia" said on Friday.

Aristocratic title: More success with a "from" in the last name?

The principle of equal treatment applies to applications and promotions. But such a “from” in the name is sure to look good, right?

Noble title - what a "from" brings in the name

In everyday work, candidates with noble titles often get further than others. Why is that? We spoke to experts and founders.

80,000 "blue blooders" in Germany

Many descendants of the once expelled noble families are not only committed to heritage, but also to business, science, culture and society

A prince for 100,000 euros

Title against cash: Ulrich Habsburg of Lorraine adds - tongue in cheek - that the state should be able to sell noble titles.

Newly rich Russians discovered the cult of ancestors. No price is too high for a noble title

In the long run, a direct connection to the Tsar House adorns more than luxury limousines and gold chains: until now, Russia's rich and celebrities were more into material items such as western designer fashion, antiques or lavish vacations on the Côte dAzur, but now their desire is geared more towards higher values: proof of nobility Origin.