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Growing beyond oneself: a title of nobility opens up new horizons

The routes to happiness are as varied as life itself. Elementary is the realization that we can control our personal path of life ourselves. It is therefore in our hands whether we make the best use of our talents, abilities and possibilities. Have you already achieved a lot in your life? Are you professionally successful and financially independent? And yet do you have the feeling that you can reach an even higher level? Then this next big step for you could perhaps be to enter the nobility.

Historically, nobility was an important pillar of the monarchy and an expression of wealth, political influence, social privileges and courtly splendour. And even today the enormous fascination of aristocracy is unbroken. Because of their title, aristocrats are treated by their fellow men with special attention, dignity and respect. Because most people associate nobility with positive qualities such as a sense of responsibility, honour, leadership, integrity, first-class manners, patriotism and social commitment.

Do you also identify with these values? Do you wish to gain access to the exclusive world of nobility, which will significantly increase your social standing and reputation and open up completely new horizons in business?

Then we have good news for you: obtaining a prestigious title of nobility is much easier than you think. We will help you make your dream come true. With our many years of expertise and the support of highly qualified lawyers and notaries, we will guide you through the entire procedure.

Legal background

Since the abolition of the monarchy in Germany in 1919, titles of nobility have been part of the family name. The law in force today allows anyone adopted by a nobleman to use the noble name. Since the title of nobility is part of the name, it can be passed on by marriage or same-sex partnership in addition to adoption.

A noble name can be adopted in place of the existing name or be used in combination with it as a double name. The title of nobility is hereditary and can be transferred to descendants and spouses.

Many aristocrats see the adoption of a child instead of a non-noble person as a possibility to pass on their venerable name and thus save their family tree from extinction.

The transfer of titles of nobility is discreetly supervised by experienced specialist lawyers.

Available titles of nobility

Graf von Hessen-Homburg exclusively represents a large number of German and European noble families up to royal rank. Some of the most important and oldest titles of the historical European nobility are available. We would be pleased to arrange contacts in interested aristocratic circles for you.​

The following nobility titles are possible:

  • of... "Noble Name"
  • Knight of...
  • Baron, Baroness
  • Baron, Baroness
  • Noble of... "Noble Name", Noble of... "Noble Name"
  • Count, Countess
  • Duke, Duchess
  • Prince, Princess

Adding pure nobility predicates (such as "of" or "Baron" etc.) to the existing surname is not possible.

Guaranteed authenticity of titles of nobility

All titles of nobility are verifiably authentic. The authenticity can be proven in the form of civil documents, identity papers and extracts from the official Genealogical Handbook of the German Nobility (GOTHA).

Use of the coat of arms

With the transferred title of nobility you also receive the right to use the coat of arms of the respective noble family in public and to use it for business purposes.

Costs and payment

The costs are in the five to six-figure euro range.
Endowment payments can be processed via an escrow account: disbursement is thus only made after the contract has been fulfilled.

First steps towards acquiring a title of nobility:

1. If you are interested in a title of nobility, please contact us via our online contact form, by e-mail or by phone. We will gladly inform you about your possibilities and the expected costs.

2. If the general conditions meet with your approval, we ask for your written curriculum vitae and proof of identity. We will tell you the names (titles of nobility) that come into question upon presentation of a proof of liquidity (or a bank statement) from your account-holding bank.

No information can be disclosed to anonymous persons. There is an absolute data protection guarantee: All personal information of customers and interested parties is treated strictly confidential and will not be passed on to third parties.