Count of Hessen-Homburg

Enabling growth

Only those who believe in themselves and their opportunities will experience true growth. I enjoy the great privilege of having fulfilled my life's dream. My business successes have given me financial and also spiritual freedom. And by acquiring my title of nobility, Graf von Hessen-Homburg , I also underpinned my social recognition. I gained access to the highest circles and expanded my active network around the globe. In view of these privileges I feel gratitude and happiness. I am committed to my humanistic ideals and would like to give something back to society. For this reason, I founded the foundation "Humanitas et Dignitas" years ago, which primarily supports disadvantaged children and young people. I also want to do something good for other people through the procurement of titles of nobility: I help them to rise above themselves and to realize their personal ideas of happiness.

Can I do something for you? Then feel free to contact me - I am very much looking forward to getting to know you.

Horst Walter Count of Hessen-Homburg