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“In the beginning it was just a joke: in my circle of acquaintances there are a few aristocrats. When I had a drink with them a few years ago, they made fun of the fact that I was the only "commoner" among them. I said: "Watch out, I'll just buy a title and then I'll be one of you!" Big laugh.”​ But one of them told me later that this was really relatively uncomplicated. I could hardly believe it, but quickly I found the website of Mr. Graf von Hessen-Homburg on the Internet. I called him and he explained the whole procedure to me already on the phone. When he told me the prices, I, as a thrifty Swabian, tipped from my chair. But the subject did not let go of me, I started to think and discussed everything with my family and friends. The reactions to my plan were different, but mostly positive. Finally, I came to my decision: I want to become a nobleman, I'm going to obtain a title. Everything went surprisingly quickly and easily. And the investment has definitely paid off: I never thought before that respect and recognition would be so strongly influenced by a name. Even my noble acquaintances, after initial scepticism, have now accepted me very favourably into their illustrious circle.