Novyje Izvestia ": Noble titles are often bought in Russia

Interest in various titles and honors from the earlier era is slowly waking up in Russia, the "Novyje Izvestia" said on Friday.

For some time now, it has become fashionable in Moscow's elite circles to prefix their own names with "prince", "count" or "baron". There are several institutions available to those interested who are willing to provide any wealthy citizen with a high title. The "Russian Noble Society, New Elite of Russia" claims that it "acts according to the powers granted by the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation".

Another organization, "The New World Leadership," plans to present President Vladimir Putin with the Knightly Order of Unity in the next few days. Previously, she awarded the head of state to the head of state.

No matter what Putin is called - whether Vladimir Vladimirovich or Prince Vladimir - his political weight will hardly change. The situation is different for lower-ranking civil servants and businessmen with higher ambitions. They often perceive this as a pass to the high society of Russian society. The hype around the titles has reached the highest socio-political circles.

On the Internet you can find offers from institutions that want to equip everyone with a noble title, who are willing to pay for it. A Prince title weighs 12,000 euros, a Graf 8,000 and a Baron 5500 euros. The applicant submits a passport copy, two passport photos and an autobiography and can collect a complete package of documents about the awarding of the title of nobility within a few weeks.

From the point of view of the law, the sale of nobility in Russia is a perfectly legal business. "The question of nobility titles is not mentioned in the normative acts of Russia," said Dmitry Cherepkov, lawyer at the Moscow College of Lawyers "Knjasew und Partner". "Therefore, each group of citizens can register an institution with the Ministry of Justice or the tax authorities and sell the nobility titles and certificates in their own name after the corresponding fees have been paid."

In this case, a businessman cannot be prosecuted for selling a non-existent or counterfeit product because "the awarding of titles is not regulated in any way by law," the lawyer states.