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“I belong to a family of doctors. My grandfather was a doctor, my father is a doctor - and I am a doctor too. As medical director I run a large clinic in Bavaria. So professionally I am quite successful. And because of my doctorate and habilitation I have carried - academic - titles for many years.”​ Two years ago a title of nobility was added. So far, however, I have not yet made this title public. The reason: it is not the search for public recognition that has prompted me to take this step. It is rather my great passion for German history. Ever since my school days I have been intensively engaged in the highly interesting and intricate ways of the German aristocracy. I am firmly convinced that it has had a decisive and largely positive influence on the country over many centuries. Now I have the honour of belonging to a family about which I have read an infinite amount in books. And with this affiliation I also associate the moral obligation to make a contribution myself. For me, the most important thing in this respect is the demand I make on myself to live up to the dignity, reputation and tradition of this respected family. Whether I will publish my title one day, I do not know yet. But just the possibility gives me a good feeling. I thank Mr. Graf von Hessen-Homburg very much for the extremely professional and discrete handling.