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“As in most countries, the nobility in China - since the end of the Chinese Empire - has officially no longer enjoyed any privileges. One would think that this applies all the more in our communist People's Republic. And yet the descendants of the various Chinese dynasties and of the nobility of merit”​ enjoy a high reputation in our country, too. As a result of the enormous economic growth, more and more Chinese are achieving considerable prosperity. I, too, am fortunate enough to be one of those rising stars. For a long time I thought about underlining my advancement with a title of nobility, but the implementation seemed to me to be very difficult. But over some detours I got to know Mr. Graf von Hessen-Homburg. I gladly recommend his services to others. Because he gives competent advice, has a wide range of worldwide contacts and is extremely well-versed in this extraordinary and sensitive business field. I have not regretted my carefully considered decision and am very happy with my new identity. It is not only the higher esteem that one enjoys. In fact, it is also the fact that the name changes you and leads to a new, better awareness.