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“To be successful in life, you need to be smart, diligent and lucky. But the most important thing is to have the right nose. I believe this ability is anchored in my genes. My father was already a successful businessman and my mother is no less successful as a real estate agent.”​ During my studies in economics, I realized that the Internet offers huge potential to make a lot of money. I myself have little idea of the technology behind it. But I do have the talent to bring together the right people to implement my ideas. That's how I and my partners have managed to develop very popular apps within a very short time and to sell the licenses to the big players, i.e. the internet companies, very profitably at the right moment. So I had the right nose and was financially independent in my mid-thirties. I started to enjoy my life to the fullest and travel a lot. On my first trip through Europe I got to know a world that was new for me: Many European cities exude an incomparable fascination with their centuries-old streets, squares and houses - simply beautiful. One feels like in another era, full of fascinating cultural testimonies. It is quite the opposite of the USA, where I was born and grew up. I was most impressed by the many splendid castles and palaces - and the noble families to whom they belonged. I got to know some of the nobles and immediately felt that they had a special aura - a healthy self-confidence combined with the best manners and education. This aura attracted me like a magnet, I wanted to become a part of it. But how? I began to research eagerly what ways there were to make this dream come true. And again I had the right nose, because I came across Mr. Graf von Hessen-Homburg on the Internet and noticed already with the first telephone call that he was exactly the right man for me. He himself was a successful businessman who had acquired a title. So he knew exactly what he was talking about and had discovered the trade with noble titles as a lucrative additional business for himself. That also made him likeable to me. The Count is very well networked, works professionally, efficiently and discreetly and was able to find me exactly the right person within a few months. He is a member of a very traditional German noble family. This person was himself the owner of an old castle, but had difficulties to cope with the enormous maintenance costs. The talks and negotiations that Mr. Graf von Hessen-Homburg and his lawyer conducted on my behalf took some time. But in the end we had a real win-win situation: The Count received a financial injection from me to keep his castle and I was able to fulfil my dream of becoming part of a privileged class. It is almost unbelievable what social impact my title has. All around the globe, new doors are opening, suddenly you are invited to the greatest parties and exclusive events. And I am always met with respect and admiration. I don't even want to talk about the increased interest of the ladies in me. I can assure you: status symbols like expensive cars or watches are nothing against it! Also in business terms the step has been worthwhile for me. Today I am concentrating on leading innovative start-ups to success as an investor. And with my prestigious name, business runs like clockwork. As I said: What counts is the right nose